Chef Andrew Zimmern and ALDI team up to fight food waste

food vegetable green store fresh shelf market shop grocery supermarket t20 2WA9WP Chef Andrew Zimmern and ALDI team up to fight food waste

Eliminating Food Waste with Digital Technologies

Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern has been loved by many for his Travel Channel show “Bizarre Foods.” But when he’s not snacking on strange menu items, Zimmern is working for sustainability in the food industry. The Emmy- and four-time James Beard Award-winning TV personality recently teamed up with discount supermarket ALDI to raise awareness about food waste. Zimmern talked to Inhabitat about how we can become a less wasteful society. Inhabitat: How did your partnership with ALDI come about? Zimmern: They asked me if I would be involved in their commitment to fight food waste , and I was absolutely blown away that they were doing that. You have to remember that the vast majority of food that’s wasted in this country is pre-consumer contact. So for a food company to want to eliminate food waste is a big deal. And the more I talked to them about it, the more things I learned that they were really putting their money where their mouth was and were dead serious about being a leader on this issue. I was thrilled. I’ve been fighting issues like this for 20+ years. The companies that are really devoted to it are few and far […]

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