Cargill aims to connect farmers to carbon offset buyers

sunrise landscape view with cornfield and barn mooresville in usa 08 01 Cargill aims to connect farmers to carbon offset buyers

Courtesy of Cargill Close Authorship Cargill is a food giant trying to get into the carbon marketplace. Cargill is taking advantage of its position in the supply chain between farmers and consumer food companies to invest in advancing the emerging carbon marketplace associated with regenerative agriculture. Its new program, RegenConnect, builds on Cargill’s plan to advance regenerative agriculture practices on 10 million acres in North America by 2030. In 2020, the company managed a pilot program running on nearly 10,000 acres across 15 soybean farms in Iowa that paid farmers between $30 and $45 per acre to adopt regenerative agriculture practices. Cargill also bought the carbon offsets on an annual basis. Building on that model, Cargill said RegenConnect will connect farmers to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies hoping to buy offsets for their net-zero commitments, starting in 2022. Ben Fargher, vice president of sustainability in Cargill’s North American agriculture supply chain, said the company is in talks with a few brands but is not at liberty to say who. According to Cargill, this new revenue stream will help more farmers make the transition to regenerative agriculture practices such as planting cover crops and embracing no-tillage. The offsets will be […]

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