Carbon-capturing Celour paint allows anyone to “participate in CO2 removal in their daily lives”

nominated t20 3dmJ69 Carbon-capturing Celour paint allows anyone to "participate in CO2 removal in their daily lives"
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Design graduate Kukbong Kim has developed a paint made from demolished concrete that is capable of absorbing 20 per cent of its weight in carbon . Called Celour , the paint can sequester 27 grams of CO2 for every 135 grams of paint used. “That is the same amount of carbon dioxide that a normal tree absorbs per day,” Kim said. The indoor-outdoor paint is made of waste concrete powder, a cement-based residue from concrete recycling that is normally buried in landfills, where it can alkalise the soil and have a detrimental effect on local ecosystems. Celour is a carbon-capturing paint that comes in three colours Through a chemical process called mineral carbonation , which takes place when the paint reacts with the CO2 in the surrounding air, Kim says Celour can reabsorb a significant part of the emissions that were generated by producing the cement in the first place. Eventually, she hopes to optimise the capturing capacity of the paint so that it completely negates the carbon footprint of the cement it is made from. “I think it is too early to describe Celour as carbon neutral,” Kim said. “It needs further study but I want to make […]

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