Canada introduces $5,000 incentive to buy electric vehicles

Public Domain Canada Ministry of Transportation Now how about some incentives to get people out of cars? That’s former astronaut Marc Garneau, now Canada’s Minister of Transport, with Member of Parliament Deb Schulte pretending to fill up an electric car, as if you stand beside an electric car for an hour like when you are pumping gas. But hey, it’s a press release announcing a the start of a new incentive program for zero emission vehicles . The Feds say "We know that the higher cost of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) can make it more difficult to adopt this clean technology. The iZEV program and new tax write-offs for businesses will help make it more affordable." Schulte at least is smiling, and doesn’t look like she is at a hostage taking like all of The Ontario MPPs did when they were forced to fill their SUVs before the Federal carbon tax came into force last month. Here’s Garneau explaining: Climate change is real. That is why our government is taking action. Today, #Budget2019 is providing critical funding to help Canadians on the road reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the #ZEV rebate officially comes into effect — Marc Garneau […]

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