Can offsets help resolve a chicken-and-egg problem with cage-free eggs?

Observers have called credit trading an interim step before actual sourcing of more sustainably produced commodities. Image: Eco-Business In efforts to promote the adoption of cage-free eggs—laid by hens that are not confined to cages so small that they cause immense suffering to the birds—advocates often run into a proverbial chicken-and-egg situation. Without the certainty of demand, producers are unwilling to invest in cage-free production. And without the promise of steady supplies with minimal risk of disruption, buyers are reluctant to make the switch. Could a platform that allows the buying and selling of credits for cage-free eggs help accelerate the movement in Asia? To continue reading this story Join the Eco-Business community and gain access to Asia Pacific’s largest media platform on sustainable development. Stay updated on the latest news, jobs, events and more with our Weekly Newsletter delivered to you. Access free services to publish your research reports, events and jobs for free.

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