Byrd’s Filling Station Achieves WBE Certification

Byrd's filling station achieves WBE Certification
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Byrd’s filling station achieves WBE Certification. Image Byrd’s Filling Station

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Byrd’s Filling Station achieves WBE Certification: A milestone for sustainable shopping.

Byrd’s Filling Station, a pioneering zero waste shop and refill station located in the heart of San Mateo, is thrilled to announce its recent certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). Since opening its doors in May 2022, Byrd’s Filling Station, under the visionary leadership of Laura Porter, has been at the forefront of the sustainable shopping movement, successfully eliminating over 120,000 single-use plastics from the consumer base.

This WBE certification, awarded to businesses at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by women, underscores Byrd’s Filling Station’s commitment to diversity, equity, and environmental stewardship. It highlights the store’s role as a leader in the zero-waste movement and its impact as a female-led business that contributes positively to the community and the environment.

Laura Porter, the owner and driving force behind Byrd’s Filling Station, expressed her enthusiasm about the certification: “We’re proud to create a community resource to make it easy for everyone to shop sustainably, to reduce plastic pollution and waste in our daily lives. This certification is a testament to our dedication to making a difference, and we are excited to continue our journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Laura started the store after realizing that “our whole world is packed in plastic, and that’s what’s causing this problem.” As she learned of the harmful effects of plastic waste on the environment, she decided to change her family’s consumption habits through the inspiration of the Plastic Free July movement. Throughout her journey, she realized how difficult it was to transition to a plastic-free and zero-waste lifestyle. This gave her the inspiration to identify resources to support her goal of reducing plastics in her life, and when she found how difficult those resources were to find locally, she created the store.

Inside the store
Inside the store. Image: Byrd’s Filling Station

Byrd’s Filling Station is not just a store; it’s a revitalization of how consumers approach grocery shopping. Going back to the way “it used to be” of buying what you need when you need it in your own containers. By offering a wide range of bulk goods and encouraging the use of reusable containers, the store has effectively provided a sustainable alternative to the traditional, packaging-heavy shopping experience.

The store prides itself on providing a convenient and sustainable option for shoppers in the Bay Area community. With a diverse array of products ranging from plastic-free cosmetics to reusable boba glasses and straws to locally sourced plastic-free deodorant and soaps, Byrd’s Filling Station caters to a wide range of needs while promoting eco-friendly choices at every turn. 

Byrd’s Filling Station’s commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. The store was recently awarded the 2024 Sustainability Award by Sustainable San Mateo County, showcasing its impact as San Mateo County’s first and only grocer focused on the sustainability of each product and the supply chain. This recognition further underscores the store’s dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Customers like Jennifer Dirking have already experienced the benefits of this innovative shopping model: “Grocery shopping simplified! We are so lucky to live near a deluxe bulk store, Byrd’s Filling Station, in San Mateo, California. We can get groceries without paying for plastic packaging—much better for our health and the planet’s. I can break up with plastic overnight!”

Inside the store
Inside the store. Image: Byrds Filling Station

Byrd’s Filling Station understands the urgency of addressing the plastic pollution crisis and recognizes businesses’ pivotal role in driving meaningful change. That’s why they are dedicated to providing a convenient and accessible way for consumers and businesses alike to ditch plastics and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Their carefully curated selection of plastic-free alternatives and refillable options aims to empower individuals to make impactful choices for the planet without sacrificing convenience. 

Since its opening, customer excitement and positive reactions to the store have been overwhelming. Many shoppers have expressed delight at the store’s welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and extensive selection of eco-friendly products. Community members have found themselves inspired by the store’s commitment to sustainability and feel empowered to make positive changes in their own lives. Whether it’s the joy of discovering a new plastic-free alternative or the satisfaction of knowing they’re supporting a local, woman-owned business, patrons consistently rave about their experiences at Byrd’s Filling Station.

With its WBE certification and 2024 Sustainability Award, Byrd’s Filling Station is poised to expand its influence and continue to serve as a beacon for sustainable living. The store invites the community to join in its mission to eliminate waste and make sustainable shopping accessible to all. Whether you’re a seasoned environmental advocate or someone exploring eco-conscious living for the first time, they invite you to join their community and discover the joy of shopping with purpose. 

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  1. Really love that these stores are popping up more and more. Great job Laura Porter of Byrd’s Filling Station for blazing a trail and adopting this early on. Don’t buy another household item in plastic, bring your used containers and fill them up at Byrd’s!

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