Bulgaria cleans up its beaches by renovating its water treatment facilities

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Aa Aa For the duration of euronews’ Green Week, our magazine and news teams are exploring stories and solutions for a better planet from across Europe. Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city and the heart of summer tourism in the country. The municipality is littered with resorts and that is why water management is so critical there. Old water treatment facilities and inadequate regulations once made it impossible to cope with the number of tourists in the area. However, reconstruction is now underway . One of the latest examples of this reconstruction is the Golden Sands waste water treatment plant. It was built in 1983 and has now been renovated. Its design is innovative. It is enclosed in concrete so nearby hotels and holidaymakers won’t be disturbed by the smell. Ivanka Borissova works for the Golden Sands waste water treatment plant. She tells us that "the plant was modernised and its capacity increased in 2020". The plant now has a much larger capacity, it’s big enough for a population of over 72 000. Before its renovation it only had a capacity for a population of around 14 000. Other regulations were also factored into renovations. Water discharge is now […]

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