Building forward with digital agriculture

Farmer on tractor. There is growing evidence to show that farmers who are empowered with digital information will increase their yields, incomes, and resilience against shocks.Image: The Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping societies around the world, in part by accelerating the digital revolution that was already underway at the beginning of the year. Since then, corporations have instituted mass teleworking. International gatherings now take place online, with heads of state and industry participating from home. Students learn remotely, and digital payments are further edging out cash. But with technology influencing our lives more than ever, there is a risk that it will spread unevenly, entrenching existing inequalities and leaving the world’s poorest people further behind. That is not inevitable. Digital technologies can help end global poverty and hunger faster, including in rural parts of developing countries, where the majority of people earn their living from agriculture. But digital technology is not a panacea. While farmers increasingly are equipped with mobile phones, they also need advice that is tailored to their needs, as well as access to agricultural inputs (fertilisers and seeds) and markets to sell their products. Digital agriculture – whereby farmers use mobile phones and other digital technologies to […]

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