Building a Sustainable Future with LEGO Bricks

lego toy xavi cabrera kn UmDZQDjM unsplash Building a Sustainable Future with LEGO Bricks

Building a Sustainable Future with LEGO Bricks

LEGO is reducing its environmental impact in how the bricks are made and the products are packaged.

lego toy xavi cabrera kn UmDZQDjM unsplash Building a Sustainable Future with LEGO Bricks
The LEGO Group has developed several environmental programs to build a sustainable future. Image: Unsplash

No matter how old you are, you likely have experienced the satisfaction of snapping two bricks together. The LEGO Group has existed for 90 years and has successfully created thousands of products. As the company continues to grow, they are putting its efforts towards building a sustainable future and creating a better world for future generations. To achieve this, LEGO has created several environmental programs.

LEGO Replay

The LEGO Replay program is a platform that allows you to donate your previously loved brick sets which are then passed on to kids in need. LEGO has partnered with multiple organizations to pass on the previously loved LEGO. A significant part of this program is that LEGO will accept boxes with mixed elements or sets with missing pieces. Every kid will receive an activity booklet with building activities, so they can use their imagination to create their own sets. In Canada, LEGO has received over 127,000 boxes of LEGO bricks which equates to 335,000 kg of LEGO bricks. As a result, 224,000 children are playing with LEGO Replay donated bricks.

Sustainable Materials

While most of LEGO’s bricks are made of plastic, the company plans to make them with more sustainable sources by 2030. One way of doing this is by creating bricks from PET plastic bottles. The company is using drinking bottles made from PET plastic which are ground down into flakes and then granulated. The resulting material is strengthened and tested for safety, durability and playability. Once the material passes extensive testing, it is moulded and coloured. The process is still being tested but will likely eliminate a lot of plastic waste. The company found that a one-litre plastic bottle is enough raw material to create 10 2×4 Lego bricks.

In 2018, LEGO started making elements from a soft, durable and flexible plastic derived from Brazilian sugarcane. The sugarcane is sustainably sourced with the guidance of WWF and doesn’t impact food security. Around 150 LEGO elements are made from this plastic, including leaves, bushes, trees, and many LEGO Minifigure accessories.


LEGO is also committed to reducing waste from its packaging. They are committed to making all of their packaging from sustainably sourced materials that are renewable or made from certified recycled content by 2025. The company is also switching from single-use plastic bags to paper bags that hold loose bricks. Their new paper bags will be made with paper from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests.

LEGO’s commitment to the environment will allow for a sustainable future filled with the fun of building with bricks.

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