Brazil green recovery plan could boost economy, add jobs, cut emissions: Report

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If Brazil shifts to a low carbon economy, carbon emissions would be cut by a third while also creating jobs, benefiting economic growth and infrastructure, according to a recent report by the World Resources Institute. Brazil’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery plan could provide an opportunity to implement long-term solutions across multiple sectors that could reduce carbon emissions and Amazon deforestation. Study authors hope that the economic benefits of the plan will push the current Jair Bolsonaro administration to adopt a green agenda, even if conservation is not a priority. “Climate denial is at a peak, but cost-benefit will be the leading decision-maker, whether or not it benefits the environment.… Due to post-COVID-19 economic recovery plans, we have a window of opportunity that will close in a year and a half or less.” — World Resources Institute Climate Policy Director Carolina Genin. Rainbow over the Amazon’s Tapajós River. According to WRI, there are pragmatic strategies for implementing sound environmental policies and curbing deforestation in Brazil, while also yielding significant economic benefits for the nation. Image by Todd Southgate / Greenpeace. Shifting to a low carbon economy could boost Brazil’s economic growth and reduce carbon emissions by up to 33%, a new […]

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