Boomers do better at green living than Millennials, survey shows

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© Tern Contrary to popular opinion, young people aren’t practicing what they preach. Young people are usually depicted at the forefront of the environmental movement, protesting in the streets, eating a vegan diet, embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, and buying second-hand clothing. They tend to look with impatience upon older people from the Baby Boomer generation, whom they blame for the environmental mess in which we find ourselves. This impatient attitude was summed up well in the " OK, boomer " rebuttal that made headlines last year. But according to a survey of 4,003 Britons conducted by Censuswide for UK insurer Aviva, this perception is wrong. Millennials and Generation Z’ers are in fact less environmentally minded in their day-to-day actions than their older Boomer counterparts. Take recycling , for example, which is held up by many to be the pinnacle of green behavior. ( It’s not , as we’ve argued for years on TreeHugger, but that’s beside the point here.) Eighty-four percent of Boomers are likely to use recycling bins, compared to 66 percent of the 25-34 age group. Similar disparities exist with food habits. Boomers are more likely than younger people to eat fruits and vegetables in season (47 […]

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