Bird Rehabber Teaches European Starling To Speak Words, And It’s Pretty Wild

European starlings are astonishingly good at mimicking sounds. This intrepid wildlife rehabber taught it to say words related to its introduction to North America. Top Videos TRADE BLOWS During a tense interview, Navarro challenged CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker: "Show me that episode, then you’ll have some credence in terms of attacking the Trump administration for not being prepared." "60 Minutes" responded to that challenge and brought the receipts. AMAZON CRIME ‘THAT’S A VERY NASTY QUESTION’ ‘EVERYDAY IS SATURDAY’ ‘WHAT DID YOUR ADMINISTRATION DO?’ A HAIRY SITUATION NO KIDDING AROUND ALLERGIES OR COVID-19? COCKPIT OF DESPAIR NO LOVE-LOVE FROM THE DIGG STORE FLAT EARTHERS, HIT SKIP POWER MOVE PASTA LA VISTA, BABY THE THEORY OF UPGRADE | SPONSORED DUKES OF BRAZIL PROBABLY SHOULDN’T HAVE RISEN QUITE YET MISS SPORTY PANTS WE ALL HAVE OUR UPS AND DOWNS THE WHOLE WORLD’S AN ESCAPE ROOM NO VOLVO IS AN ISLAND GOOD QUESTION DIGG PICKS | AFFILIATE ‘GOT2PEE’ ‘KYLE, YOU’RE TALKING TO EVERYONE, BUD’ STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL TWICE AS MANY MEN ARE DYING AIRING IT OUT

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