Bill Nye Explains Global Warming to Adults: ‘The Planet Is on F***ing Fire’

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On Sunday’s edition of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver , the show’s eponymous host recruited renowned science communicator Bill Nye to help highlight the seriousness of global warming with a simple experiment—and let’s just say the tone was a little different to his usual family-friendly fare. Oliver, discussing the "Green New Deal," said that despite the challenges of the proposed stimulus package which aims to address climate change and economic inequality, it has succeeded in kick-starting a debate about the issue in the country. “But that won’t mean anything unless that talk now turns to actions and putting a price on carbon could potentially be one of them, although let me reiterate, it will not be enough on its own by a long-shot,” Oliver said, referencing the idea of a carbon tax which has been proposed as one way to reduce fossil fuel emissions. “We’re going to need a lot of different policies working in tandem and we have to take action right now,” the host warned. “But you don’t have to just take that from me. Instead, I’m happy to say that Bill Nye has actually agreed to help drive the urgency home at this point by […]

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