BeVeg Certification: True Vegan Product Certification

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BeVeg Certification: True Vegan Product Certification

In 2017 BeVeg officially launched its vegan product certification company in partnership with The National Sanitation (NSF), which has been in business since 1944 and represents the industry standard when it comes to product testing and certification. 

BeVeg has become a global leader in vegan product certification. The company offers a wide certification scope for a variety of products, lawyer-managed certification, on-site lab testing, and trademark representation in over twenty countries worldwide. 

Below, I’ll explain why it’s important to get your vegan products certified and show you why BeVeg offers the best certification program in the industry. 

What Is Vegan Product Certification? 

With the vegan lifestyle becoming more popular, companies around the world are jumping on the trend and releasing vegan products, such as:

  • Vegan snacks
  • Vegan makeup & cosmetics
  • Vegan clothing & accessories
  • Vegan beverages (juice, energy drinks, wine, beer)
  • … and more

The only problem is that the word “vegan” is often thrown around as a marketing ploy, to attract the eye of wandering customers. A closer examination of many so-called vegan products will reveal that not all of them are what they claim to be. 

For example, there are lots of “vegan” snacks that contain palm oil – a food product which directly contributes to mass deforestation and has been pushing Orangutans to the brink of extinction. 

This is where vegan product certification comes in. 

BeVeg offers the most comprehensive vegan product certification program in the world. When shoppers see the BeVeg badge on a product, they can buy it with 100% certainty, knowing that the product has been fully tested and verified

In a world where dishonest companies employ clever marketing tactics, your BeVeg certification will help your vegan product stand out as one that’s legitimate, honest, and planet-friendly. 

BeVeg Vegan Product Certification: Why It’s The Best

You may have seen some forms of vegan product certification in the past, such as PETA-approved purses, or the Certified Vegan (by certification on vegan foods. 

Compared to other certification programs, BeVeg offers a far superior certification process. It’s the only vegan product certification program that:

  • Examines applicants for cross-contamination and allergen controls
  • Offers on-site auditing and lab testing
  • Is ISO-Accredited 
  • Uses lawyers to draft and manage certification documents
  • Offers trademark representation in over twenty countries
  • Certifies products, manufacturing facilities, textiles, restaurants, and more
  • Offers a training program to help applicants with the certification process

Here’s a closer look, so you can see for yourself. 

1. Examination of Cross-Contamination & Allergen Controls

Cross-contamination with non-vegan products or allergens is a major issue when it comes to vegan products. For example, some companies may produce dairy-free snacks in the same facility that it products dairy-containing snacks in. Those with food allergies could use this as grounds for potential legal action. 

The BeVeg certification program takes a strict approach to examining applicants’ cross-contamination and allergen controls to ensure that accidents don’t happen. 

2. Real, On-Site Facility Auditing

Other certification programs can take weeks to complete an audit, and may not even offer in-person auditing. By contrast, BeVeg offers on-site auditing and lab-testing. Not only does this provide consumers with better peace of mind, but it makes the auditing process quicker for the applicant. 

3. ISO-Accredited Certification Company

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has accredited BeVeg, allowing them to provide third-party examinations of applicants to ensure that the products meet ISO standards. The ISO is widely regarded as the global leader in testing for standardized practices. 

4. Lawyer-Managed Certification

Once your business or product has been approved for BeVeg vegan certification, your certification documents will be both drafted and managed by BeVeg’s team of lawyers. This provides additional protection and clarity in case your product is ever put to question in the future. 

5. Global Trademark Representation

BeVeg offers trademark representation in the following countries, regions, and territories:

  • The United States (and US territories)
  • Canada
  • The European Union 
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The UK
  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • Korea
  • Dubai
  • Jordan 
  • UAE
  • South American Countries
  • South Africa

No other vegan certification program currently offers scope of BeVeg’s global trademark representation. This is very important for international brands or brands that hope to grow globally. 

How Do I Apply For BeVeg Certification? 

Interested in getting your vegan product approved and certified by BeVeg? Once approved, you’ll be able to brand your products with the BeVeg stamp of approval, which will increase consumer trust. The application process is easy and business owners can apply online to request a free quote. 

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