Bpacks Unveils World’s First Bark Plastic Packaging

Startup Bpacks unveils the world’s first bark plastic packaging technology. Image Bpacks
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Startup Bpacks unveils the world’s first bark plastic packaging technology. Image Bpacks

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Startup Bpacks unveils the world’s first bark plastic packaging technology.

A revolutionary new eco-friendly bark plastic packaging alternative made from tree bark is hitting the market, aiming to tackle the world’s mounting plastic waste crisis. Sustainable packaging startup Bpacks recently announced the launch of its innovative bark plastic packaging technology, the first of its kind globally.

Bpacks’ biomaterial bark plastic packaging can seamlessly integrate with existing plastic production equipment, eliminating the need for manufacturers to invest in costly new machinery. This novel approach could significantly accelerate the transition away from conventional petroleum-based plastics as regulations tighten around the world.

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“Traditional bio-packaging solutions often struggle with high costs and complex integration that deter widespread adoption,” explained Mikhail Skalkin, CEO and co-founder of Bpacks. “Our technology leverages bark – an abundant waste material from wood production – to create high-performance packaging that is 100% biodegradable yet compatible with the same manufacturing processes as plastic.”

According to the startup, bark plastic packaging can fully decompose into nutrient-rich compost within just one to two months in moist soil environments. This positions Bpacks’ materials as a potential game-changer in reducing non-biodegradable waste streams choking landfills and polluting ecosystems worldwide.

Producing the bark plastic pellets uses pre-owned equipment and waste materials, resulting in up to 6 times lower carbon emissions compared to conventional plastic production, the company claims. With the $348 billion plastic packaging industry facing mounting pressure to develop sustainable alternatives, Bpacks could capitalize on this rapidly expanding market estimated to reach $285 billion by 2027.

“The science is clear – we must rapidly transition to eco-friendly materials that can break down safely after use without persisting in the environment for centuries like conventional plastics,” said Skalkin. “Our goal is to facilitate this evolution by offering the packaging industry a seamless, low-emission solution derived from nature itself.”

Bpacks operates an R&D facility in Belgrade, Serbia, producing finished bark plastic packaging products and pellet feedstock for manufacturers. The company’s founding team combines entrepreneurial business acumen with materials science expertise from across Europe.

As regulations like the European Union’s mandate for biodegradable packaging take hold globally within five years, Bpacks’ pioneering technology could position the startup at the forefront of the packaging industry’s sustainability transformation.

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