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My name is Philippa Robin and I live in the city Amsterdam, with my dog called Muppet, a special creature with a wise stare in her eyes.
I once started as a ‘creative centipede’ and a designer, after studying philosophy, with perhaps the secret reason; indecisiveness.
I find so much in life interesting and pick up skills pretty quickly.
But unwitnessed, fate has bent me towards a more explicit craftsmanship; writing. Yes, the doubter has chosen and my many work adventures lend themselves as what you call ‘experience’.
I now work as a writer for a blog site about mental health, write creative content for retreats and sustainable companies and in my spare hours I’m writing a book.
I write my own songs with the guitar. In the summers I occasionally sing in bars, in the winter I jam a little in studios and in living rooms.
I’ve had many Bob Dylan-Leonard Cohen (and such) listening evenings in the past and, what a coincidence, my collection of self written songs is a mix of half-sung short stories and sung poetic-philosophical guitar songs.
It is a nice creative outlet to process my interpretation of the world.
I love mountain climbing and daydreaming when I should be paying attention. I always find new ways to express my creativity.
But there is a missing factor in my life; nature. An outdoor space. Being able to open the door without being immediately knocked off your socks or without activating a quickly flashing passerby’s mood.
I feel a deep desire to unpack my things in a place surrounded by greenery and have a big desire to leave the city.
Because of that desire, I’ll be sharing how I will prepare myself for my upcoming journey and how I will achieve that strive. I will also be sharing the things I learned from nature and how I find my creativity based on natures mysteries.
May it inspire others, may it inspire you.

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