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Author - After a 40-year career in communications and education, Melissa morphed into an eco-activist, starting with her university and congregation. She co-chaired and achieved the Green Sanctuary Certification (from - Georgia Interfaith Power and Lights), and also spearheaded a weekly 3Rs newsletter. In addition, she created the congregation's recycling program in order to reduce the purchase and use of plastic and styrofoam. She also developed an education-based “No-Waste Banquet” event and zoom courses titled “What is Biomimicry” and “Empowering Women and Girls to Address Climate Change” based on Paul Hawken’s book DRAWDOWN.

Melissa has spoken at public hearings on illegal landfills and coal ash leaks, discussing issues with diverse stakeholders such as senators, local councilors, and newspaper distributors about, what she terms "those dang plastic wrappers getting in the creek!"

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