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Kottie Christie Blick

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Kottie is a Climate Change Education Consultant working to get climate science and environmental studies taught in classrooms around the world. She has spoken at educational conferences across the United States and in several different countries. As a consultant, she has worked with school districts, private schools, universities, a television producer, and environmental groups. She has published articles in numerous educational magazines and on educational websites. She is an online course instructor at the University of San Diego in California.

Kottie taught in the classroom for over thirty years, receiving multiple awards and grants for her teaching. She was a recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Teaching award. She was also a New York State Finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching. She continues to be a NOAA Planet Stewards Educator.

β€œIn the field,” Kottie has visited many alternative energy facilities, and visited schools in countries around the world. She has explored forests, beaches, mountains, savannas, jungles, deserts, glaciers, and oceans, developing a deep appreciation for Planet Earth. She is committed to helping others understand the importance of climate science and the need for climate action.

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