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Kieran is based in Churchill, Manitoba, home to the Polar Bears International interpretive center. Kieran helps with the live cam education and outreach programs— northern lights, beluga whales, and polar bears— from set up and maintenance to operation and execution. During the summer, Kieran is the Beluga Boat captain, driving the boat equipped with live cams around the Churchill River estuary and Hudson Bay. Additionally Kieran helps manage logistics and assists with research projects. His knowledge of the region’s wildlife, remote landscapes, and ability to fix almost anything has proved invaluable to the team. Kieran ran his own stone mason business in Alberta and took a break to travel to Churchill, Manitoba, inspired by his love of wilderness & animals—specifically whales. Kieran spent an entire winter on a remote trapline outside Churchill, enhancing his knowledge of the region and giving him an array of unique experiences and stories to share. He is a local of Alberta with a passion for conservation and wildlife in Canada’s North.

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