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Jean Ong is the founder of EcoLover United, a movement that makes it easier for the everyday folk to live sustainably and in style. She was born in a country with 7,107 islands and spent her weekends during summer vacations on the beach. As far back as she can remember there’s this burning passion for saving Mother Earth. It’s just that she had no clue on how to do this. The spark that started the idea for Ecolover United was when she joined a zero waste lifestyle community.
In 2018, she started a grassroots movement called City Composters United that encouraged and involved her apartment neighbors in composting (300 kilos of waste and counting) and created a community garden in her apartment’s rooftop. Along with this initiative, her goal is to seamlessly marry green living with an eco luxe lifestyle.
Having graduated with a college degree in Business Management major in Marketing, she currently work as a store manager by day, and an Earth Hero at night and on the weekends..
It’s pretty hard to escape this love for Mother Nature when your name literally means forest or grove of trees. Her Chinese name Lin, means forest. I guess her name is prophetic for how she will end up loving the trees, and nature in general.
She believes that: if it’s good for Mother Earth, it’s good for you.

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