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Helene Rønning

ABOUT Helene

Ailuna’s co-founder Helene has been interested in everything to do with the environment for many years. Helene’s passion has extended to being the environmental driving force behind Ailuna - she loves watching the numbers of saved plastic bottles, coffee cups, and other single-use items growing as more and more people use the app.

Helene is a huge advocate for no-waste cooking and loves to create new recipes, such as some delicious-sounding banana skin burgers. She also uses shampoo bars, a bamboo toothbrush, cycles to work, and uses no-peat compost in her garden. If she had the power to change the world tomorrow she would make plastic a currency so people would be able to make an income from it and value it rather than discarding it, resulting in cleaner oceans and saving marine life.

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