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Gina Woods and Marianna Verlage Archibald formed Mother Daughter Earth in 2018 to provide environmental education through podcasts, blogs, videos and regular social media posts.

They help facilitate a conscious lifestyle so people can live a more colorful and abundant life by connecting with nature, making thoughtful daily choices, and becoming life-long learners of the environment and the amazing earth we inhabit.

Gina became interested in gardening when she moved to a ranch in Mexico in 1987.
She was fascinated with orchids and wanted to have a career even though job
opportunities were limited in rural Mexico for an American who could not speak the
language. In 1991 she built her first two orchid shade houses and became the first
commercial, cut-flower dendrobium orchid producer in Mexico. In the following 19 years, Gina expanded into plant rentals and events, and opened a retail location in Tampico, Mexico.

Because of security concerns in Mexico, Gina returned to Dallas in the spring of 2010 and founded a new company, Tropical Essence, which specializes in exotic tropical plants. In 2013 she co-founded Yardspell, which specializes in water-wise landscaping and provides personal and commercial gardening services.

Marianna is passionate about anything and everything related to environmental
sustainability. She first became aware of this passion during her AP Environmental
Science class in high school but later realized that her love for the environment began
when she was a little girl growing up on a ranch in rural Mexico.

She went on to graduate Cum Laude from Harvard with a degree in Environmental
Engineering and a minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences, and she loves sharing her
scientific knowledge in a relatable and easy to understand way.

The Earth is magnificent and Marianna and Gina are excited to share their
environmental message and help others learn to care for our planet.

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