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Felicitas Taube, is 24 years old and was born in Germany. She was lucky enough to travel and see a lot in her younger years because her family lived in Shanghai for 7 years. In Asia they were able to explore the new cultures, tasty food and met lovely new local friends. It was a good life, though from a young age she never liked it when someone or something was treated unfairly. Sadly, in Asia not all animals or people get treated nicely and the protection of the environment was not a topic. So, for Felicitas it was even more important to make a difference and to fight for our planet. In 2015 after finishing school she moved back to Germany where she became a nurse. She worked as an ICU nurse for about 3 years around Germany. Her passion for Wildlife and our Environment was too strong and she decided to take a break from nursing to do a Field Guide Course in South Africa. In those 2 months Felicitas discovered that she needed to change her career and work in Conservation. After long research and thinking she decided to fight for our environment by becoming a journalist. She is at the very beginning of her journey, but she is excited for her new challenge. She hopes by participating in volunteer work and writing about on her blog and social media, people see how precious our world is and how many wonderful people work out there to protect it.

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