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Edgar McGregor is a climate activist from Pasadena, California. The world faces more ecological crises than just the climate crisis, and so on May 29, 2019, he set out to help solve one of them. He began cleaning up trash at his local park every single day, rain or shine, no matter if he had just gotten off a 12-hour shift. He is a student studying natural sciences at my local community college, and he plans on transferring to the Bay Area to get a degree in climatology. He has cleaned up in some of the world's hottest weather on record, including Death Valley's 9th hottest day ever recorded when temperatures rose to 128°F (53.3°C). His own park has even been within 8°F of the world record high temperature. He worries about what future heat waves will be capable of, and so this is why he does what he does.

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