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After living most of her adult life in cities, raising a beautiful daughter, and working as a freelance videographer, Debbi's life took a turning point that led her to an old-growth clearcut in a community watershed. It was the first time she heard the voices of the Cedar trees.
Burnt out and empty from the music industry she had been involved in, she let it go. On her paddleboard, she found the nurture of the ocean. She fell in love with the Sechelt Inlet and two years later heard the quest answering words “you should buy Doug’s house!”.
Two months later she was barging her entire life over, boat access, off the grid. Soon, having never driven a boat before, she got a little 13-foot aluminum. Eventually, she worked up to a landing craft, learned the currents of the Skookumchuck Rapids, added the spirit of oneness to her small farm roots, and was in a position to better walk her talk of living with the earth.
She’s the person who will boat over to a stranger to politely let them know they are fishing in a conservation area, “In case they didn’t know”.

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