Australian company 3D prints building structures using hemp

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MIRRECO is an Australian-based company that is working toward building 3D-printed homes using hemp. Hemp has fast become a popular building material around the world, for its low impact on the environment,and is known for its durability and availability. MIRRECO has developed 3D printed panels that can be used for the construction of residential and commercial building. In a statement, MIRRECO said: “Just imagine living and working in buildings that are 3D-printed and available to move into in only a matter of weeks. The floors, walls and roof will all be made using hemp biomass, and the windows will incorporate cutting-edge technology that allows light to pass through glass where it is converted into electricity.” With the global growth of carbon-neutral infrastructure, MIRRECO is a pioneer in this industry in Australia. In the Netherlands, a town called Bosrijk near Eindhoven has become a hub for sustainable, 3D-printed habitable homes. Project Milestone will print 5 homes. The concept was crafted at the Eindhoven University of Technology and offers contractors a sustainable alternative to traditional building methods. Image: Instagram You may also like:

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