Artist plants a living forest in 30,000-person stadium

© Gerhard Maurer / FOR FOREST Austria’s Wörthersee football stadium is now thriving with life in an installation that is as beautiful as it is chilling. Thirty years ago, Switzerland-based artist Klaus Littmann came across a profound drawing, titled "The Unending Attraction of Nature." The drawing, by Austrian artist and architect Max Peintner, displays an odd dystopian scene in which nature is so detached from the environment that it becomes just a patch, preserved for entertainment. Given that we are currently losing 18.7 million acres of forests each year, Peintner’s drawing was prescient, to say the least. And it resonated with Littmann immediately. "When I first saw the 1970/71 pencil drawing, I was fascinated. I knew that one day this work would be the starting point for a major art project in public space," says Littmann. "The Unending Attraction of Nature" by Max Peintner Now, decades later, Littmann has fulfilled the vision with the installation of FOR FOREST: The Unending Attraction of Nature . Blurring the lines between art, architecture, and nature, the installation sets a native central European forest in the midst of Wörthersee football Stadium in Klagenfurt. With nearly 300 trees planted, some weighing up to six […]

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