After 116 Years, Volkswagen’s Zwickau Factory Produced Its Last Fossil Fuel Vehicle Today

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Volkswagen’s Zwickau factory is switching 100% to electric vehicles. It will produce a total of 6 models from 3 Volkswagen Group brands (Volkswagen, Audi, and Seat). Today was the last day it produced a fossil fuel vehicle, vehicle #6,049,207 from the factory under Volkswagen’s reign, a Golf R Estate. The factory goes back much further than Volkswagen’s start in 1990, though. It goes back 116 years! Horch started producing cars there in 1904! Volkswagen produced almost two-thirds of the vehicles ever produced there, but other auto brands that put their fossil-fueled cars together in Zwickau included Audi, DKW, Trabant, and others. Have a look: The production capacity of the factory is supposed to grow to 330,000 vehicles a year — again, all electric. “Today is a historic day for us. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and at the same time are greatly looking forward to what the future holds for us,” Reinhard de Vries , Managing Director of Technology and Logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen, said. “The trend towards electric mobility will continue to pick up speed. We will meet this demand from Zwickau: we have already created the capacity to build 330,000 vehicles next […]

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