Africa Is Leading the Way in the Fight Against Plastic

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“Beat Plastic Pollution” is an international campaign in Africa to first reduce, then end the incredibly huge plastic pollution problem there. Some countries have banned single use plastics and others have less aggressive goals, but one thing is clear – the people are fed up.

Scenes of plastic clogging rivers and choking animals , news of microplastics contaminating water supplies , and a growing inability to process plastic waste in landfills have all contributed to a global zeitgeist against the substance. In recent years, more than 60 countries have enacted policies to limit plastic use, multinational companies have invested in alternatives , and everyday people are challenging each other to embark on zero plastic challenges . Emerging epicenters of this movement are in capital cities across Africa, where large-scale campaigns are being mobilized to eradicate plastic, according to the United Nations’ Environment Program (UNEP). Take Action: Say No to Using Single-Use Plastics Throughout the continent, countries have mobilized under the campaign “Beat Plastic Pollution” and have come up with innovative domestic solutions to find alternatives. Some countries like Kenya , Rwanda , and Morocco have flat-out banned single-use plastic bags, forcing businesses and consumers to use alternatives, and countries like Zimbabwe have targeted styrofoam with bans. The global movement against single-use plastics is gaining momentum in Africa, with countries taking action to #BeatPlasticPollution for #CleanSeas 🌊 — UN Environment (@UNEnvironment) July 30, 2018 South Africa is taking a […]

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