Happy Eco News was founded in January of 2018 as a personal project to help me find some positivity in the vast sea of negative environmental news.

As an environmentalist, I try to stay informed about things that matter. But it began to feel like all the news was bad. It didn’t make sense to me though; I work in clean technology and I know many other companies and individuals that are also doing good things.

I found that when I really started looking, I could see that in between all the doomsday articles and posts, were a few that were actually very positive. I began saving them with the intention of sharing them with friends.

As it goes, one thing leads to the next. I registered a URL and designed a website with the idea of sharing it with other like-minded people. Those among us who need a boost during these difficult times.

So that brings us to now. We are posting to the site a minimum of 5 times every day and every Monday our newsletter provides a top 5 list of the best stories for those who subscribe to the Happy Eco News.

It is my sincere hope that in the not too distant future the pendulum will swing back and there will be more positive stories than negative. Maybe then I will stop.

Until then, we have Happy Eco News.

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