A Tiny Island Home to Rare Birds and Wildlife is Searching for a New Warden

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The house on Lihou island. Lihou island, located westward off the coast of Guernsey, between Great Britain and France is now owned by the parliament of Guernsey, but it has had a turbulent history changing owners now and again. The long history of this tiny paradise dates back to 933 AD when the island was seized by the ruler of Normandy. It bounced back and forth between the French and British for quite some time when the Germans occupied it during World War II. Lihou Island – Lower House. Photo by Colin Smith CC By SA 2.0 They used the island to conduct target practice. The States of Guernsey eventually bought Lihou from its last private owners Robin and Patricia Borwick in 1995. The island is under the protection of The Environment Department of the States of Guernsey, as it is a breeding ground of many endangered bird species, such as Eurasian oystercatchers and common ringed plovers, together with two additional islets, Lissroy and Lihoumel. Location of Lihou. Photo by Aotearoa CC BY-SA 3.0 Lihou houses more than 150 different bird species. The island and its wildlife are carefully protected as Lihou was recognized as a “Site of Nature […]

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