A secret millionaire with an MBA and a $1 million home in Brooklyn spends her days collecting cans for $20 at a time

Lisa Fiekowski (not pictured) told the New York Post she makes $20 to $30 a day collecting cans around her neighborhood. Henny Ray Abrams/AP The New York Post on Wednesday published a profile of Lisa Fiekowski, a Brooklyn millionaire who collects cans as a hobby. Fiekowski owns more than $8 million worth of real estate around New York City and has an MBA from the University of Chicago, the Post said. She says it’s a good way to keep active, but her neighbors and family aren’t pleased about it. Lisa Fiekowski is a secret millionaire with an intriguing exercise routine: collecting trash. The New York Post on Wednesday published a profile of Fiekowski, a 60-something resident of Brooklyn’s upscale Prospect Heights neighborhood. Fiekowski owns more than $8 million worth of properties around New York City, including a $1 million co-op next to Prospect Park, the Post said, citing records. But at least one of her investments is uninhabitable, thanks partially to her unusual hobby — the Post reported that she had packed one residency with an old microwave, an umbrella, toys, carpets, and other trash. Fiekowski has been collecting cans for about a decade, telling the Post she generates […]

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