A New Tidal Turbine Generates as Much Power as 12 Solar Panels

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Idenergie Unveils Innovative ‘Green’ Hydrokinetic Turbine for Clean Power Around the Clock

A Canadian renewable energy startup has introduced a novel hydrokinetic turbine that generates continuous emissions-free electricity from flowing water, offering a sustainable baseload power solution. Based in Montreal, Idenergie developed a uniquely eco-friendly axial water turbine that taps into rivers and tidal channels without undermining aquatic life or habitats. As countries urgently phase out fossil fuels, this constant hydropower device could help meet the need for reliable 24/7 clean energy resources.

Unlike intermittent wind and solar power, which are dependent on weather fluctuations throughout days and seasons, Idenergie’s cylindrical contraption rotates consistently thanks to perpetual currents, producing a regular 12kWh daily even in reduced flows. The impressive, maintenance-friendly unit integrates Darrieus rotor blades crafted from durable, recyclable aluminum that minimize environmental impacts compared to alternatives while resisting corrosion. Specifically, the efficient vertical axis orientation and smooth blade design largely avoid threatening marine mammals and birds attracted to busier underwater areas – an enduring knock against tide turbines despite immense promise.

For residential setups off-grid, a single Idenergie turbine continuously feeds sufficient electricity to power refrigerators, lighting, computers and other home essentials. Bolted into lakebeds or secured to floating platforms, the shaftless assembly simply connects to battery banks that store surplus energy for calm stretches or nightly demands. With customize rotor sizing for shallow waters, weak currents and decreased capacity needs, the versatile system aims at plug-and-play convenience and turnkey local power self-reliance.

Early data suggests a single unit can rival solar array output, delivering the equivalent generation of 12-plus panels absent intermittency, all while immersed in natural settings bathed in constant hydrokinetic energy flows. As an option for farmers, villages, and remote worksites nourished by adjacent streams and rivers, such made-in-Canada turbines may soon electrify untapped, small-scale hydro-hubs struggling with diesel dependence or lacking centralized infrastructure access. With global decarbonization accelerating, innovations converting ambient water momentum into round-the-clock, ecosystem-friendly power hold tremendous sustainable potential.

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