A net-zero world needs zero-carbon concrete. Here’s how to do it

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A new initiative aims to unlock a future built with sustainable, zero-carbon concrete Concrete accounts for 7% of global emissions – and it’s the second-most used material on earth. Zero-carbon concrete is therefore a cornerstone of a net-zero global economy. A new initiative, Concrete Action for Climate , aims to bring the sector’s stakeholders together to drive this transformation. A sustainable, zero-carbon global economy will, literally and figuratively, rest on concrete. It is the world’s most-used building material. It is ubiquitous, versatile, affordable, durable, strong and recyclable – and is the second-most consumed substance in the world , after water. It will provide the foundations for our green energy systems, for climate-resilient infrastructure, for safe, healthy, and secure housing, for clean water and for low-carbon transportation around the world. It will be central to meeting many of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. But concrete has a significant carbon challenge. The concrete and cement sector currently accounts for 7% of global carbon emissions – predominantly from the chemical reaction that essentially turns limestone into cement, but also from the energy used to produce the high temperatures needed to make it, as well as a smaller amount from its transportation. To […]

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