A Carbon Tax Wave? 7 States Considering Carbon Pricing to Fight Climate Change

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee co-chairs the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of 17 governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He is expected to announce a new state carbon pricing plan despite the defeat of a carbon fee ballot initiative this year. Credit: David Ryder/Getty Images At least seven state governments are poised at the brink of putting a price on climate-warming carbon emissions within the next year. Some are considering new carbon taxes or fees. Others are making plans to join regional carbon markets. The situation runs counter to the instant analysis of the November election, which focused on a defeat for carbon pricing in Washington state and discounted incremental progress across the board. Overall, the midterm election results increased their odds for success, say activists and analysts who are watching for the next step in a policy realm where proposals have been many but commitments to act have been weak. Carbon price proponents are encouraged as Democrats expanded their legislative majorities in key states, and supporters of climate action displaced foes. But advocates are still painfully aware of remaining obstacles, and some expect a prolonged campaign. At the federal level, Congress also faces a new carbon pricing […]

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