9 things you didn’t know could be made from wood

natural oak texture with beautiful wooden grain w 2021 11 03 06 05 18 utc scaled 9 things you didn’t know could be made from wood

Natural oak texture with beautiful wooden grain, Walnut wood, wooden planks background. bark wood.

Wood can be put to a range of unexpected uses. Wood is key to creating a circular bioeconomy. Many of the modern day uses for wood date back thousands of years About 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihoods Take a look around you. Chances are you see items made from wood. Your desk, parts of the building you’re in, maybe a fruit bowl. Wood is so commonplace we take it for granted. But it also has some surprising uses and crops up in everyday items you might not know contained wood products. Here are some examples. The typical supercar buyer might have titanium, carbon fibre and kevlar on the checklist. Wood? Not likely, unless it forms the expensive trim around the dashboard. But now there’s a supercar made from cellulose nanofiber – a wood-derived material that is stronger than steel . It was commissioned by the Japanese government as part of a project to explore cutting emissions in car manufacturing. It weighs 50% less than traditional supercars . While modern-day chewing gum relies on synthetic sap substitutes, it was traditionally made from chicle – a milky latex from the sapodilla tree. Ancient civilizations such as the […]

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