9 Essential Elements of Success for Eco-Friendly Food Trucks

9 Essential Elements of Success for Eco-Friendly Food Trucks

This summer, we talked about some ways that different food-based companies are becoming more sustainable. We mentioned farmers that were taking more sustainability initiatives . However, other food companies, such as food trucks, are also becoming eco-friendly. For food lovers and aspiring chefs alike, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering new flavors, especially from up-and-coming culinary geniuses. And what better way to reach a wide market than take the show on the road? The food truck business is booming because the mix of food and entertainment create the perfect rustic, outdoor festival environment — whether in weekend fairs, or even just on the curb, at the heels of a busy intersection. It should be no surprise that the industry is worth an estimated $1.2 billion . But beneath the rustic charm of food trucks is a real logistical and sustainability problem. For one, trucks are constantly on the road, and produce toxic fuel emissions. And while customers often don’t mind the lack of seating or the absence of a real restaurant experience, takeout- or picnic-style eating means food truck owners rely on hordes of disposable, single-use plastic containers and cutlery that crowd landfills. It is Possible to Run a […]

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