7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable

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7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable

You might have noticed that businesses of all stripes are getting greener – and getting vocal about it. But for certain industries, sustainability is a particularly pressing issue. Among the best examples are those involved in food, where supply chains have the potential to be quite destructive.

7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable
7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable. Image: Pexels

Sustainable restaurants appeal to customers looking to reduce their environmental impact. If you’re running such a business and you adopt the right practices, then you might find that it translates into an uptick in footfall. What’s more, your staff might find their day-to-day duties that little bit more fulfilling.

Review your mission

If you’re able to come up with a mission statement, then you’ll be able to unite the whole business behind a single cohesive philosophy. Your mission statement should overview what you’re aspiring toward, and how you intend to get there. 

Train your team

Your staff represents your brand – and they should be instructed accordingly. Look to recruit people who share the values outlined in your mission statement. Provide them with the training they need and encourage them to express their thoughts on how you might improve the business.

Seasonal food menus

When you’re cooking seasonal produce, you’ll be less reliant on imports. This means fewer food miles for your restaurant, and fewer emissions overall. You can support local farmers, and integrate yourself into the local economy.

Don’t bulk buy

Certain ingredients are best enjoyed as fresh as possible – which means buying them in very small quantities from local producers or growing them yourself. The latter option will provide you with more control over what goes into the food you’re serving.

Review interior design

You’ll want to think about the actual contents of your restaurant, too. The décor should take advantage of what’s already there. Your appliances should be as energy efficient as possible and regularly maintained. Added fixtures here and there to emphasise your ethos are always a nice touch however, be wary of falling; at risk décor and take a look into the right specialised restaurant insurance.

Deliver sustainability

If you’re going to be delivering food, then your packaging matters. Polystyrene tends to beat aluminium (even the recycled kind), but cardboard is ideal. Around 29% of greenhouse emissions from food are to be found in packaging waste, so this is something worth considering.

Recycle and compost

Not all of your green efforts have to be up-front and centre. Many of the things that you can do behind the scenes will be incredibly effective. Composting materials for use in a miniature garden might be worthwhile, for example, as might a policy of reusing and recycling in restaurant. In general, it’s worth turning your back on disposability culture: the more things you throw away, the more destructive your business will be.

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