7 Ways To Enjoy Your Vacation While Caring For The Environment

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7 Ways To Enjoy Your Vacation While Caring For The Environment 

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Going on a vacation is a great way to relax and unwind. You may explore new places while trying fun activities that will boost your mental well-being. Aside from that, you can also relax while taking in the beauty of nature as it unfolds around you. 

However, we might be unaware that we can cause environmental hazards as we travel. It is entirely normal for us to choose a more comfortable travel experience, like choosing accommodations with a wide range of amenities. But, little do we know that this comfort may cause a significant amount of carbon footprint, consequently harming the environment.  

So, if you want to take your vacation in an eco-friendlier way, here are initiatives you can do to help preserve our environment: 

  • Choosing Eco-Friendly Accommodations 

Most travel accommodations are designed to meet customers’ expectations without considering their environmental impact. So, as a traveler, you may opt for eco-friendly accommodations by staying in hotels that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures.  

For instance, you may select popular options like a multi level yurt that uses less energy than other types of accommodation. Next, pick hotels that use solar power or purchase renewable energy certificates like wind power credits to offset their carbon footprint. Similarly, you may also look at their energy consumption ratings based on how much electricity they use per room versus how many rooms they have. 

  • Use Solar-Powered Devices 

Many hotels use energy from coal-fired power plants, which isn’t a sustainable energy source as it generates more carbon dioxide emissions than other forms of electricity generation. Besides, they don’t install temperature control systems, so they use extra energy for their buildings to keep guests comfortable. As you charge your devices at night, the hotel may be using even more electricity and potentially incurring expenses on utility bills. 

Rather than using chargers at hotels or hostels, bring your solar-powered phone charger to charge devices without relying on grid electricity. This technology can be the easiest way for you to save the planet. In turn, you can minimize your carbon footprint while traveling and also save money on energy costs. 

  • Participating In Local Beach Clean Up 
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The ocean is one of the most beautiful places on earth but also one of the most polluted. However, most individuals don’t realize how much garbage goes into the oceans and beaches due to plastic pollution. Currents can carry toxic items like plastic bags and bottles for months or even years before they reach the coast. These materials end up damaging wildlife, killing fish and birds, harming sea life, and affecting humans who rely on seafood as their primary source of livelihood. 

There are many ways that you can help reduce plastic pollution during your vacation by participating in beach clean-ups. This activity allows you to help preserve our oceans and beaches by removing trash or debris. You will also have a clear idea of what type of trash is thrown into our oceans and how much damage it has caused. As a result, you can help protect the waterways and the local environment you’re visiting. 

  • Taking Eco-Friendly Transportation Alternatives 

You prefer taking cab rides to get to destinations when traveling in a foreign place. Unfortunately, they produce more carbon emissions per passenger mile than other forms of transportation because they don’t use mass transit systems that rely on trains or buses. Aside from that, they can impact cities and taxpayers economically because they add congestion to roads and increase traffic jams, causing more gas discharge in the environment. 

Some eco-friendly alternatives to taking cab rides include taking public transportation. If you find one near you, public transportation will be your best friend when visiting travel destinations. You can get around the city without using fuel or emitting pollution into the air. You may also ride a bike or scooter as an alternative.

  • Buying Local Products 

You’re likely drawn to large retail stores as you visit different places. However, these businesses consume significant amount of energy to power their commercial spaces, which isn’t an eco-friendly practice. In addition, large businesses usually don’t promote environmental awareness as they often sell products with single-use plastic. 

So, instead of going to established businesses in your travel destination, you may support local products. You can buy products from local communities by visiting public markets or fresh farms. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy locally-produced goods while helping out families that rely on farming or fishing. 

  • Saying No To Plastic Bags 

Plastic bags are made of petroleum products and degrade very slowly. It means that every time you use a plastic bag, you add more environmental pollutants. When they reach the ocean, these single-use plastics can harm the lives of sea creatures as they might ingest the material, which may also damage the health of the end consumers or those who cook and eat them. 

Fortunately, you can enjoy your vacation while caring for the environment by purchasing reusable items, such as water bottles and other containers. These items will last much longer than disposable ones and help reduce waste. You can also purchase reusable bags at grocery stores and use them when shopping for groceries instead of using single-use plastic bags that end up in landfills. 

  • Bringing Your Travel Tumbler

When you buy a drink from an airport or hotel vending machine, chances are it comes in a disposable plastic cup. If you’re lucky, they’ll give you a paper cup instead. But even if they use recyclable materials for their cups, they still end up in landfills as they are considered single-use wastes. 

Bringing your own cup or mug eliminates the need for these disposable ones altogether. Alternatively, you may bring your travel tumbler so you won’t have to purchase costly water and other drinks from retail stores or restaurants. In doing so, you can reduce waste while saving money and staying hydrated while hopping from one destination to another. 

Key Takeaway 

When traveling, comfort doesn’t always mean you can only choose a non-sustainable option. Of course, you can travel while saving the environment simultaneously. Consider the seven tips mentioned above to have fun while caring for the environment during your trip. Once you do so, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help localities without sacrificing comfort. 

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