6 different kitchen floors that are healthy and green

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CC BY 2.0 Millie on Marmoleum / Lloyd Alter Are you buying for looks or for function? It can be a tough call. After publishing Pros and cons of 6 different kinds of wood floors I was asked "What about kitchens?" It has taken a while to get around to it because it’s not easy picking a kitchen floor. It has to do so many things. Functionally, you want a kitchen floor to be: Water-resistant or waterproof to handle spills and regular washing Durable because there is a lot of traffic in a small area Resilient and shock absorbing because people are standing a lot, and you don’t want everything that drops to break instantly Attractive, particularly for those open kitchens where the flooring goes everywhere Vinyl 60s ad for vinyl flooring/Promo image The first material that pops into mind that meets all of these criteria is sheet vinyl. Alas, TreeHugger is a vinyl-free zone; it is made from fossil fuels and chlorine , it is softened with phthalates, and its manufacturing process is toxic. Other than that, it is the perfect floor. Two of our favorite things, vinyl and asbestos, together!/Promo image The only way to make vinyl […]

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