4 Easy Ways to Green Your Everyday Routine

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4 Easy Ways to Green Your Everyday Routine

What does it truly mean when people speak about “going green” or being more environmentally friendly? If you wish to be more sustainable, should you change your life from the roots? Should you get rid of your automobile and cleaning supplies if you want to reduce your environmental impact? Actually, no, there’s no need for it at all.

There are several reasons why people are reluctant to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their everyday routines. Some individuals don’t want to bother because they think it’ll take too much time or cost too much money, while others see no point in altering their behavior since they think it doesn’t make a difference anyhow. However, what you do has real consequences. You don’t have to move mountains or do anything insane to make a difference.

You may begin your greening efforts by incorporating the following practices into your daily routine! Let’s dive right in.

Think about the way you commute

The method you use to go to and from work, or any other destination really, is crucial. It’s probable that you’re doing more damage to the environment than necessary by driving everywhere. You should make it a habit to walk or ride your bike to work if it’s within a reasonable distance. You’ll be helping the earth out, but you’ll also be helping your personal health and well-being. 

If walking and biking take too long or aren’t practical, you can try carpooling. That way, you won’t have to pay for gas for two or more cars when you only need one. Using public transportation, such as a bus or, better yet, a train, is another option to consider instead of driving. 

Greenify your skincare

One of the major culprits for swarming landfills is the beauty industry. However, many people love to practice self-care and therefore have multi-step skincare routines. We’re all for this, but you have to put planet Earth first. 

The most important thing is to use refillable products, which are becoming more available on the market. Alternatively, you can completely take out plastic packages from your life and use cleansers and shower gels in bar form. Further, you can easily switch to reusable cotton rounds that are simple to wash. This can make a real impact!

Drink green coffee

We don’t think you should dye your coffee green, you silly! There are various ways to make your morning routine more eco-friendly, and enjoying sustainable coffee can make a real impact.

Reconsider your morning coffee habits if you make it from a single-use pod since it can’t be recycled. Reduce your impact on the environment by using a standard coffee maker. If you make coffee in batches, use any leftovers and freeze them into cubes. You can use it as coffee ice and add them to fresh coffee to get the perfect iced coffee. If you still have a soft spot for single-serve coffee, you may save money by purchasing a reusable pod and filling it with coffee grounds.

Pay attention to water use

Most of us waste water without giving it much thought. You turn on the water to brush your teeth, wash dishes, water plants, or whatever simple task is at hand. Only after some time do you realize the faucet has been running for much longer than necessary.

Becoming more self-aware is the first step in reducing your own water footprint. It’s as simple as turning off the tap as soon as you don’t need the running water. Just open the faucet once you need more. Don’t use a partial load in the washing machine or dishwasher. While you’re using the bathroom sink to brush your teeth, don’t let the water run. You should shower for shorter periods of time and rarely if ever, take baths. In addition to helping the environment, conserving water may lower your monthly utilities.


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