The Top 5 Happy Eco News Stories for January 23, 2023

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This week, we have two guest posts. The first post is by Happy Eco News’ founder Grant Brown who writes about banks and fossil fuel divestment. The second post is by Ling Xiong, the president of Ecobrick IBSH who writes about what eco-bricks are and how to start your own eco-brick club.

We also have stories about plastic-eating mushrooms, renewable energy funding for the rural US, a renewable energy win in the UK, a bull bison release, and Africa’s largest sustainable city.

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Guest Posts

Founder Post by: Grant Brown, founder of Happy Eco News

HSBC announced divestment from oilfield projects that were approved after 2021. In 2022 Deutsche Bank’s head office was raided by federal investigators, and a high-level executive was sacked. Read More 

Guest Post by: Ling Xiong, president of Ecobrick IBSH

Climate anxiety is real, and it manifests itself particularly in people of younger generations, myself included. It forms due to the feeling of helplessness regarding climate change, whether it be our lack of political or financial freedom. Read More

Happy Eco News Top 5 

  • Mushroom species can consume polyurethane, one of the main ingredients in plastic products. Read More 

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it would channel $600 million to help rural and agricultural areas transition to renewable energy. Read More

  • Researchers from Imperial College London found that 40 percent of the UK’s electricity was made up of solar, wind, biomass and hydropower in 2022. Read More

  • Three female bull bison were released into the woods in Kent as part of the Wilder Blean project. Read More 

  • THE PARKS in Dubai will be Africa’s largest sustainable city. Read More 

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  1. I’m so stoked loads of countries and high ruling people are actually doing stuff to prevent climate related events. It’s really cool to see all of the amazing technology involved in our journey and all of the people who are supporting green initiatives.


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