Jamie’s Favourite Top 10 Happy Eco News Stories of 2022

By Jamie D’Souza, Content Manager, Happy Eco News.

This year, in addition to the Top 25 Happy Eco News stories (as determined by what you the audience, reads), we are listing our own personal favourites.

This year for me, it was about what we can learn from nature to be more sustainable, how we can reduce food waste, and how we can reduce plastic waste with natural solutions.

Below we have my own personal Top 10 Happy Eco News stories of 2022. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Sustainable alternatives, including cacti, pineapple leaves and mycelium, are reducing the environmental impact of leather production. Read More 


  • The Great Trail stretches from St. John’s in the East to Victoria in the West and has a huge looping detour north through the Yukon and Northwest Territories to the Arctic Ocean. Read More 


  • All around UK cities and across Europe, bus shelter roofs are being turned into “bee bus stops”. Read More 


  • Graduate student Arina Shokouhi has developed an alternative to avocados that are meant to look and taste like avocados but made with local ingredients. Read More 


  • Panda conservation efforts are largely due to the public attention they have gotten over the years which have led to significant funding to help protect them. Read More 


  • To help fight food waste, the Too Good To Go app provides leftover foods from local restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores. Read More 


  • Australian company, Great Wrap has created a compostable bioplastic made from waste potatoes. Read More 


  • Alara Ertenü, an industrial design student, has developed sustainable packaging for soap made from peapods and artichoke waste. Read More 


  • Biomimicry is replicating products, materials, structures and systems on systems and practices found in nature and biology to solve problems. Read More


  • Adidas has teamed up with Zound Industries to create wireless headphones that have a solar cell fabric which transforms sunlight and indoor light into electricity. Read More 


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