The Top 5 Happy Eco News Stories for December 5, 2022

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This week we have three guest posts. The first post is by Happy Eco News’ founder Grant Brown who talks about guerrilla gardening and seed bombs and how to get started. The second post is by Melina Sempill Watts who retells the conversation she had with architect Jessica Hall about restoring lost streams. The third post is by Sharon Michelle, MSc Psychology who talks honestly about why nature is suffering and what we need to do.

We also have stories about a crab that was rediscovered after 225 years, how to turn CO2 back into coal, the world’s first CO2 battery, IKEA selling solar panels, and the city Malmö, in Sweden’s green energy solutions.

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Guest Posts

Founder Post by: Grant Brown, founder of Happy Eco News

In many urban areas, there is a lack of green space. Without it, we also miss the plants that help pollinators do their essential work. Guerrilla Gardeners have declared war on dead zones and are attacking with a combination of tactics, including seed bombing. Read More

Guest Post by: Melina Sempill Watts

Jessica Hall gave a talk back in 2003 about The Lost Streams of L.A that changed how I see landscapes forever.

Hall’s premise: if you want to have a living ecosystem, restore and sustain the natural hydrological systems –even in an urban setting. Read More

Guest Post by: Sharon Michelle, MSc Psychology

There are now over 8 billion human beings living on Earth. In the UK we’ve lost nearly 70% of wildlife populations since the 1970s. Nature is suffering elsewhere too. It isn’t a coincidence. Read More

Happy Eco News Top 5 

The Afzelius crab was not sighted from 1796 until January 2021, when the species was rediscovered in Sierra Leone. Read More 

A new carbon-capture technology has been designed to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into solid particles. Read More 

Energy Dome has signed a deal to export the world’s first carbon dioxide battery to the U.S. Read More

IKEA has partnered with SunPower, one of the top national solar companies, to sell solar panel systems. Read More

The city of Malmö, in Sweden, is known for having a sustainable economic model. Read More

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