6 Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Solid Wastes 

Decluttering your home would always be a great way to make your house cleaner and finally get rid of the things that you no longer need. While you can enjoy having a clutter-free home, you’ll need to worry about how you should dispose of your solid waste. Even if you can just ignore that problem and dump everything into your trashcan, there’s always an eco-friendly way to make that happen.  

Before you throw out your garbage, you should think twice about how it could impact the environment. The world is already full of dirt, and everyone should look for ways on how they could help to be smart about it. To be environmentally conscious about your waste, listed below are some eco-friendly ways to dispose of your solid waste:  

1 – Rent A Skip Bin 

If you’re planning to dispose of a large amount of solid waste when you’re spring cleaning or decluttering your entire home, you should consider going for dumpster bin rentals in Mississauga. A dumpster or skip bin is a large container that allows you to put anything that fits in, and the rental company will pick them up from your home. All you have to do is place everything that you’ll be throwing out, and they’ll handle the rest.  

While it might seem like your regular garbage collector, going for bin rentals in Mississauga ensures that all of your waste isn’t just going directly to the landfill, as they’ll sort everything out. They’ll see which ones they could still bring to the recycling center and be more eco-friendly about handling their clients’ rubbish. Moreover, you should also consider looking for bin rentals that can provide maximum eco-friendly solutions to contribute while minimizing your carbon footprint.  

2 – Bring Them To Recycling Centers 

As you’re decluttering your home, you shouldn’t put everything in a single container for you to throw out. For an eco-friendlier solution, you should separate each waste material according to its classification. This’ll include paper, metal, wood, plastic, electronic, and hazardous waste. As you separate them, you’ll have a proper process for being more eco-friendly with them. Ideally, you should try to separate them from an old box and label them for each type.  

Many items can be recycled instead of put into landfills. Image: Adobe Stock

After separating your waste materials, you should now begin by taking them to your nearest recycling center so that they can process your waste properly. Ideally, you should try to flatten your papers and avoid crumples for proper recycling. For your plastic waste, it’ll be very helpful if you could thoroughly clean it first. While some might think it’ll be more convenient to place plastic wrappers inside large plastic bottles, it might not be the best solution as they need to ensure that they’re empty for proper processing and decomposing.  

3 – Consider Repurposing Them 

Before you look for new decorations or furniture for your home as you’re trying to give it a fresh look, you might want to hold your horses first and begin by looking at the things you currently own. This way, you can allow your old items to have a new purpose while at the same time saving enough money, which could be a bigger advantage for your end. While it might require some artistic skills, it’ll allow you to reduce waste, which is great for the environment.  

You can begin by repurposing your old containers and jars and allowing them to be a home for something else. You can wrap it around with a wrapper to give it an updated look. For your old furniture, you might want to consider breaking it down and try to build a new one out of their material. You can even repaint them for a smoother finish.  

4 – Use Precaution With Hazardous Waste 

You mustn’t mix your hazardous waste with your regular waste, as it might impose serious health concerns. Moreover, it could damage some materials, especially if the two don’t mix well with each other. To allow for eco-friendly waste disposal, you should ensure that you separate your hazardous waste and bring it to its respective disposal site.  

To identify what are your hazardous wastes, you can classify them as your regular household cleaning items. This could include polishing chemicals and cleaning products, along with paint, light bulbs, petrol, kerosine, thermometers, batteries, and tires. If you have any of those, ensure that you separate them out of anyone’s reach.  

5 – Consider Having A Garage Sale 

If you’d like to throw out something that still has a purpose but no longer wants to be a part of your home, you might consider opening a garage sale and earning a small profit out of it. This way, you can allow your old items to have a new home without having to dump them into a landfill, which could cause more harm.  

Additionally, instead of throwing them out, other people can just purchase them from you, preventing them from buying new ones, which could cause another waste from packaging and manufacturer rubbish. With a garage sale, you can allow your fully-functional items to have a new purpose and reduce what you throw in the landfill. If you’d like to maximize your eco-friendliness, you can donate your profits to an organization that aims to make the world healthier for everyone.  

6 – Build A Compost 

A compost bin isn’t just made up of food waste but garden waste as well. If you have a yard and keep trees, plants, and shrubs, you can just imagine how much rubbish you’ll need to clean up once you need to prune them. While throwing them in the trash is easy, creating a compost bin allows for an eco-friendly approach, reducing your unnecessary waste.  

A compost bin in the garden reduces waste and creates healthy soil for plants. Image: Adobe Stock

When building compost, ensure that you combine an equal amount of dry and wet waste for it to cook properly. Moreover, you can even use your compost as your fertilizer which you can feed your plants. This way, you won’t be using chemicals but allow your plants to absorb natural nutrients to enable them to grow healthy and strong. It’ll be a cost-effective way to enable your plants to be healthy and eco-friendly.  


Disposing of solid waste the eco-friendly way isn’t a walk in the park, especially since you’ll need to be cautious about plenty of things. While it might be extra work to separate your rubbish together, consider it as your small sacrifice to help make the world a better place. It’ll only add extra minutes to your day and hopefully allow the world to breathe fresher and better air.  




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