7 Easy Tips To Be A Sustainable Cannabis Consumer

Green Cannabis – Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels

Sustainability is not just a buzzword, but it is fast becoming a way of life for people. The pandemic has driven more people towards the mindset. Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment by embracing a more conscious lifestyle. You can start at home by adopting eco-friendly habits, reducing wastage, and switching to energy-efficient appliances.

Similarly, business owners can embrace the same mindset to revamp processes for minimal wastage and energy consumption. You can even become sustainable with cannabis consumption, provided you consume more consciously. Whichever product or consumption method you choose, there are ways to become more conscious. Here are some easy tips to be a sustainable cannabis consumer.

Buy from a local seller

Buying locally gives you the right start with eco-conscious cannabis consumption. It makes sense because of several reasons. Purchasing from a local seller means that your money stays within your community. Consider it just like buying food, clothing, and furniture from local sellers where you support small businesses instead of buying from big brands. You can reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing the emissions due to the transport of products. Moreover, it enables you to build strong relationships with local cultivators and retailers. It is a contribution you can make to the market in your area. If you are in a legal state, you can easily pick quality products from legit sellers. It means buying from local sources will be a breeze.

Choose environmentally-friendly strains

Whether a newbie or a seasoned cannabis consumer, you must get basic education about strains. Think beyond the CBD and THC content and outcomes, and learn about sustainable strains. These strains require less water, human labor, and crop management to thrive. Buying them means you make a difference by limiting the use of natural resources. You can research online to know more about environmentally-friendly cannabis strains. Alternatively, ask the budtender at the dispensary, and they will probably recommend the right product for you. The good thing about choosing these strains is that the growing demand inspires growers to prioritize them over the non-sustainable variants.

Look for eco-conscious brands

Besides picking the right strains, sticking with eco-conscious brands is another way to become a truly green cannabis consumer. You may have a tough time identifying a sustainable product and brand as a beginner. But research and due diligence about them can take you a long way. A green brand is one that takes apt measures to ensure sustainability for its products and practices. Check factors such as farming techniques, pesticides and fertilizers, and recyclable packaging. Thankfully, the internet is a reliable source to research and verify facts about cannabis brands. Whether you buy online or head into a dispensary, spend some time to know the brands better.

Manage vape wastes

Besides buying the right products, clean waste management practices also make you a conscious cannabis consumer. You may purchase refillable vapes as they last longer and need not be dumped into landfills. But experts at purplepenthouse suggest that you can also get the benefits of disposable vapes, provided you commit to managing the waste properly. Disposable vape pens are convenient and cost-effective. You can bring sustainability to the mix by learning more about the vape recycling projects in your area. This way, you can get the best of both worlds without worrying about your impact on the environment.

Use energy-efficient devices

If you vape or dab cannabis, energy usage is a concern as it does not go hand in hand with sustainability. But you can make a difference by opting for energy-efficient devices. For example, devices that use flame instead of electricity are inherently energy-efficient. However, even electric devices can be energy efficient. You can choose a vaporizer that can be charged with a minimal amount of electricity. Also, try to conserve batteries by following best practices like turning off the device when not in use. Make sure you charge them optimally instead of keeping them plugged for long hours. Although these measures seem small, they can make a big difference if you follow them consistently in the long run.

Switch to glass cartridges

Checking the energy efficiency of your device is a good start. You can go the extra mile by choosing the right material. Switching the glass cartridges from plastic ones is a good idea. While plastic cartridges are heat-safe, they may release harmful chemical compounds at high temperatures. Conversely, glass is sustainable as it does not contain toxic substances. You need not worry about toxins mixing in the air or leaking out in landfills or waterways with glass devices. Moreover, glass can be recycled without releasing harmful chemicals. Likewise, it makes sense to store your cannabis in glass containers for the same reasons. These containers also preserve the aroma and freshness of the herb and prevent wastage or spoilage.

Read the product labels carefully

You need not be a genius to become a sustainable cannabis consumer. Although it takes some research to buy the right products and devices, beginners can make a good start by reading the product labels. The industry is highly regulated, so sellers have to provide all the essential information as a part of packaging and labeling. Scanning it carefully gives you a fair idea of what you are paying for. It even lets you know the key facts. You can decide if the product matches your sustainability goals. Embracing label checks as a habit takes you a step closer to conscious cannabis consumption. Online buyers must go through the product specifications and information carefully.

Becoming a conscious consumer is a step towards making the world a better place. Think beyond sustainability with food, clothing, and other items of daily use. You can pick the right habits to become a sustainable cannabis consumer as well. Fortunately, it does not require a lot of work. Follow these simple measures to do your bit for the environment. You need not even compromise your experiences while achieving the sustainability goals. Just some wise choices and habits are enough to get you there!


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