Chemicals and aircraft parts manufacturer Honeywell International announced this week that it’s come up with a new way to turn low-grade plastic waste into oil that’s high enough quality to be fed into a refinery. The company is now partnering with Spanish infrastructure company Sacyr SA to scale up its process, dubbed the Upcycle Process Technology, in a facility capable of turning 30,000 metric tons of mixed plastic trash into oil per year. Production is set to begin in 2023. […]


  1. This not exactly good news, that oil will be burned and contribute to climate change, so its solving a problem to continue worsen another, not really sustainable.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Daniel.
      I understand your assessment and do not disagree. We need to reduce the amount of plastic that is produced and we needed to do it yesterday, last year, or last decade. However, due to the huge amount that is currently in existence, I believe that we need to find ways to reuse the stuff that already exists. I think that if the oil produced from this process was used to make new products as part of a circular economy, it would be preferable rather than to simply bury it in a landfill.


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