Top 8 Incredibly Interesting Eco-Friendly Inventions

Did you know that there are over 1,000 eco-friendly inventions? It’s true! And some of them are really crazy. They range from eco-friendly clothing to eco-friendly cars. But what about the ones that actually work? 

Eco Clothes

These clothes were created by Parley for the Oceans™; they’re made with material found in oceans like abandoned fishing nets and plastic bottles. These are materials that would otherwise end up polluting our environment. Not only do they look cool, but they also last longer than regular clothes due to their durability.

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Solar Panels

One of the most notable eco-friendly inventions is solar panels. This device absorbs energy from sunlight to create electricity, which can be used in powering homes and other buildings. They are usually installed on roofs or beams facing specific directions so that they absorb as much light as possible while also staying unobstructed by trees, cars, pedestrians, etc. In addition, the more efficient a solar panel becomes at absorbing energy, the less space it will take up. This means homeowners get to save money without sacrificing living space.

Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel insulation may not look like much. But you’ll probably want some when your house is made out of it because it works by trapping air molecules inside its gel matrix (that’s science for “it keeps heat IN”). It has an extremely low thermal conductivity (a measure of heat transfer) which means it’s good for keeping warm air inside your home. It can be used as a filler in walls or roofs, but the amazing part is that one piece only weighs about 100 grams.

Electric Car

People like using their cars every day, but they don’t want to affect our environment negatively by polluting and depleting Earth’s natural resources. An electric vehicle is powered by an electric motor rather than a combustion engine, as in traditional cars. These vehicles use the most commonly available fuel: electricity. Electric vehicles reduce emissions and lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing speed or safety. The Tesla Model S P100D has a range of 345 miles with zero tailpipe emissions. The Tesla Roadster is a green car that can run on electricity and has no emissions. It runs off of lithium-ion batteries, which are charged with solar power at home or in the store when you’re not driving it. The Nissan Leaf is an electric automobile that doesn’t use gasoline. Instead, it uses battery packs made from recycled material.

Photo by Pixabay fromPexels

A Self Charging Cell Phone Charger

It’s a device using no power source other than movement, which charges your mobile devices. This type of technology has been used by smartphones. Still, now scientists have developed a prototype generator small enough to fit inside a regular shoe.

An Autonomous Water Harvesting Drone

This invention collects rainwater from trees and roofs and stores it in tanks without human assistance. It works 24 hours per day collecting fresh, clean water and reduces the need for expensive, polluting bottled water. It can collect enough water to provide for a family’s needs.

A Washing Machine That Uses No Electricity At All

This nifty appliance is based around an old-fashioned washboard but with modern technology fitted inside to make it work. It doesn’t use any power source other than movement, which means it will save money on your energy bills.

Island Of Tasmania 

The island of Tasmania is working to become energy independent. The state has developed the Renewable Energy Superpower Initiative that will get them off fossil fuels. Making it one of the first places in the world where this will happen. They are not only using solar panels and wind turbines, but they’ve also added some unique eco-friendly inventions. Like an underwater turbine generator powered by ocean currents, a hydrokinetic power plant under construction which generates electricity from tidal movements and river water levels, sustainable geothermal generators, biochar units for carbon dioxide sequestration, heat exchangers made out of locally sourced wood chips used as biomass boilers, solid waste recycling units converting methane gas into energy at landfill sites while improving biogas quality with improved technology, and more.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

People who care about the environment have a long list of things they can do to help reduce their carbon footprint. Some people choose to recycle, others use solar power in their homes, and some even buy environmentally friendly cars that run on electricity or biodiesel fuel instead of gasoline. While these are all great ways to be eco-friendly, there is also another way you can contribute: by using green gadgets. There are so many different types of useful inventions out there today (like Biodegradable Urns) designed with the intent to save the planet from being destroyed by human activity.


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