Black Friday Is Bad For The Environment. Green Friday Is The Future

Guest post by: Anders Reckendorff, CEO of Scandinavian Biolabs  

Black Friday is notoriously bad for the environment, So Scandinavian Biolabs will change the colour of the retail event to green this month. There will be no discounts offered by the Danish company, which sells hair growth products using 100% vegan, naturally-derived and non-toxic ingredients. Instead, they will help to preserve marine life by donating 10% of sales to Reefscapers, whose pioneering coral frame techniques are leading conservation efforts in the Maldives.

Scandinavian Biolabs is reacting to warnings sounded at the COP26 climate conference, and is acutely aware that the cosmetics industry has much to repair. Contaminants from cosmetics find their way into our seas, and these have been linked to coral bleaching and damage to other marine life. Plastic waste is another devastating byproduct of the industry. But Scandinavian Biolabs is showing others how it can be done differently, without using potentially harmful ingredients.

Anders Reckendorff, CEO of the Danish company that sells its products worldwide, said: “Our customers often ask about how cosmetics affect the environment, and what we do to ensure sustainability. “Environmental and social values are instilled into every aspect of our business, from the formulation to the distribution of our products. “Our collaboration with Reefscapers is equally an opportunity to tell our customers about how they can help ensure healthy ecosystems – for example by using natural products without parabens. “We know that we are not where we would like to be yet in terms of environmental footprint, but In 2022 we are switching to recycled PET-bottles, and initiatives like the Reefscapers partnership can help both us and others to improve.”

The National Retail Federation in the United States estimates that 164 million people will take advantage of discounts and shop over the weekend between Black Friday (November 26) and Cyber Monday. This will create vast amounts of carbon pollution to deliver the items, and a massive stream of waste in their wake. Mr Reckendorff adds: ”We thrive on transparency, both in prices and ingredients. We therefore wanted to use Black Friday to engage our customers in what we all can do to consume mindfully.”

You can view the natural products at and find out more about the coral reef rescue programme at Reefscapers is an independent marine consultation company, aiming to restore coral reefs in the Maldives and worldwide.

Last year, Reefscapers partnered with Sheraton Maldives and the Maldivian Government to create the largest man-made coral structure in the region.


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