World leaders have promised to make electricity both more sustainable and accessible A group of governments and the private sector on Friday collectively promised more than $400 billion (just over €340 billion) at a high-level summit that called for more urgent action to curb catastrophic climate change . The commitments, made on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York , also envisage reliable access to electricity for hundreds of millions of people. What are they promising? The pledges include projects to expand access to electricity in developing countries and improve energy efficiency. More than 35 countries — from small developing island states to major emerging and developed economies — have made significant new energy commitments in the form of energy pacts, the UN said. Several large companies also made pledges, including TotalEnergies, Schneider Electric and Google. Among the promises is a German commitment to increase its own proportion of renewable energy in total electricity consumption to 65% by 2030. Berlin has pledged to support partner countries in expanding innovative technologies such as green hydrogen and “power to x,” an innovation to use surplus electric power. The government has also committed to providing €7 billion toward speeding […]


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